MaxxERP GST Complaint Software Updates Launched
June 25, 2017
Best Jewellery Software in India handling Wholesale and Retail Vertical Professionally and Accurately.
Best Jewellery Wholesale and Retail Software in India
July 21, 2018

21 reasons why you should invest in MaxxERP – The Retail Chain GST Ready ERP Software India

  1. Beautiful User Interface, Simple to use and Easy to Learn without much computer knowledge.
  2. All-In-One Solution with Integrated Modules for Retail | Distribution | F&B | Service Industry.. Few more verticals coming soon.
  3. Accounting-Inventory-Sales-Purchase-Touch/Scan POS-User Session Management-Outstandings-SMS-Email-Orders-Challan
  4. Available on Desktop & Cloud Editions with Mobile App
  5. Support for Multiple Branches with Offline access and Timely Data Sync for growing businesses
  6. Integrated Taxation Module for VAT/CST/GST Monthly e-Filing
  7. Robust User Level Access Setup and Transaction wise Activity Log Trail
  8. Complete Clarity on Inventory Flow and Movement
  9. Multiple Offers for Promotions, Discount Schemes, Loyalty Membership Card, Gift Vouchers, Value Cards, Coupons
  10. Home Delivery Module for Supermarkets & Restaurants, Crate Management, Gondolas Reminder System
  11. Production Module with Operator & Machine Performance Track
  12. Sales Person Incentive & Performance Reports
  13. Targets & Budget Setup for different business parameters
  14. Compatible with almost all the POS Devices, Barcode and Other Document Printers
  15. Work Flow Management Setup – System Defined Flow of Transactions
  16. Auto Hourly Backups for Additional Data Security
  17. Awesome Set Of Business Boosters – Web Reporter, Web Order, Tally Export, Excel Vouchers Import/Export, MaxxAlerts – SMS & Email, Auto Cloud Backup, Data Importer, Notifications, Announcements, Reminders, Mail Merge, Transaction Monitor, Maxx Data Connector, etc
  18. Graphical Dashboards & SMART Self Designable Reports
  19. Quick Master Data Migration from Any existing Software
  20. Continuous Research & Development / Connect & Develop
  21. Exception Monitoring & Transaction Auditing

Other Advantages : Accuracy in Accounts, Clarity of operations, Reliable user level security, Intuitive UI, Popup Notifications, Intelligent Alerts & Suggestions, Precise Numbers & Statistics, Awesome Speed, Personalized Attention, Very Simple, Easy & User Friendly, Online Webinars, Hassle free scalability, Smart Analytics, e-Help Manual, e-Learning Videos, Fantastic Support, One Click Auto Updates, Graphical Dashboards, Code Level Customization, Super-Active Developers Team, Powerful Search Engine, In-Built Report Designer, Highly recommended, 16+ years of expertise, Huge list of Happy Clients, Built on Latest Technology, Robust Performance, Quick Migration, Fully Loaded Business Boosters, Continuous R&D and C&D, Loved by CA’s and Users, Exception Monitoring, Seamless Scalability