MAXX: Software that makes your voucher entries safer
January 17, 2015
MAXX: Fast, Robust and User-Friendly Business Management Software Cloud Back Up:
January 17, 2015

MAXX: Software that secures your Business Information’s

Lock Accounts:

Lock Account is used to stop the accounting entries. MAXX enables its user to stop the add/edit/delete of Receipts/Payments, Post Dated Cheques, Cheque Return, Bank Reconciliation entries, etc.
The add/edit/delete will be locked till the date that is specified in the Lock Accounts panel. This option blocks all the user roles including administrator to add/edit/delete the entries. If any accounting entry has to be done then the admistrator has to unlock the option by providing a date less than the voucher date that needs to be entered. This feature will be suitable for all the business verticals to avoid entry with wrong date / updation or deletion of old entries. Clients across the globe uses this feature and run their business in an effective way.

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