Business Drives on MAXX

Systematic business operations management can provide sustained growth with peace. Maxx comes in as your personal business manager and takes care of all business background operations.. so you dont have to.

Hassle free invoice follow-up

Do you know which clients owe you money and how much? Find out in seconds with Maxx. With the courtesy of a butler, Maxx automatically sends late payment reminder E-mails and SMS to improve your cash flow and save your time.

Professional Invoicing

Ever have a client comment on your invoicing system? Get used to having your clients comment on your Fortune 500 style billing.

Pull DC's, Quotations & Orders onto your invoices

Forget the days spent transferring data from Excel spreadsheets. With Maxx, you can instantly pull your quotations, delivery challans, sales orders into an invoice to save you time.

Effortless accounts management

Have a client made payment for a particular invoice? Just enter any information once and it gets set automatically in all books of accounts.

Invoice clients in any Currency

Maxx supports all currencies on planet Earth. Be free to bill clients across borders with ease.

Send invoice by email

Send invoices in one click. Simply click "send by E-mail" and put your feet up. Stop attaching invoices or stuffing envelopes. Your tongue will say thank you.

Money in & Money out

Need a snapshot of your growing profit? Get what you need to know, when you need it. Maxx reporting is streamlined so you can spend more time on your business, not on your books. In a click, export your reports to Excel, PDF, HTML & Email too.

Spend less time tracking expenses

Expense tracking with Maxx is so easy, you'll actually track your expenses! Break out that shoebox of receipts and log all your expenses in an easy-to-use interface.

Painless taxes

Skip the tax season scramble. Simply pull the one report needed whether VAT, Service Tax or CST or General Sales Tax and send it to your accountant in a matter of clicks.

Track all receivables and paybles in one place

Do you make a lot of invoices? Get your vendors invoice by invoice balance on a single screen and complete statement and send them balance confirmation email / sms in clicks.

Sales taxes

Set-up your sales taxes and have Maxx calculate them on your invoices and expenses, making reporting and remittances a piece of cake.

Track your inventory status

Get to know live status of your inventories available as and when you invoice or take orders and generate purchase orders or barcode labels automatically.

Post dated cheques

Just enter the cheque details with future date and Maxx will remind you when the cheque has to be deposited/withdrawn as well as will even post auto-receipt/payment accounting entries.

Close deals with estimates & follow-ups

Send a lot of quotes to prospective clients? Creating and managing work estimates is just as easy as invoicing. Got the go ahead? Cha-ching! Convert that estimate into an invoice in 2 clicks.

Collaborate with other users

Managing calls with sticky notes and spreadsheets is a headache. Let Maxx be the aspirin for painless collaboration with other users with Maxx Announcements & Maxx Team Talk.

Individual Client Wise Pricing Control

Struggling to find out what was the rate at which you supplied that specific product to the client last time? Maxx saves your time by automatically showing you all the previous supplied details of that specific product to that specific client, as and when you are invoicing. That actually provides a lot of freedom and peace of mind.

Know your accurate profits

Wanna know what have you earned today? Get accurate info on your billwise / product wise / client wise / day wise / weekly / monthly profits in clicks

Salesman Performance & Bonus Management

Which salesman is doing well? How much lead did he get? How much bonus he is eligible for? Find out all this in a single screen.

Exception Monitoring & Control

Catch the barcodes & transactions which have been edited with major amount difference, printed multiple times or which has been issued with discounts above certain limit.

Verify & Approve Orders, Estimates, Expenses, Leaves

No Orders, Estimates, Expenses & Leaves shall be processed without your approval. Compare order pricing history, monitor claimed expenses & approve leaves on the go.

Plan your Budgets and Stay in control

Have a budget plan in place? Define & revise your budgets for different expenses on a monthly basis and compare it against the actuals to stay in control of your business.

Define Targets and Get more productive

Set goals and become more productive. Set targets for customers, sub group, places, salesman, products, brand, etc on a monthly basis and measure it against the actuals.

Robust user level security to avoid malpractices

Maxx logs every user's action and enables you to quickly track actions performed across different screens in the application. Now no user action can remain hidden.

Serve with Joy - Close Job Cards & Send Service Invoices Quickly

Prepare job card sheets > record spares consumption > close the card with 'Ready for Delivery' SMS status update > convert to invoice - Its that simple.

Counter Petty Cash Management - Track user sessions & day end process

Track user sessions - login time, opening cash balance with denominations, actions performed, closing time, closing cash balance with denominations, day end process to freeze days transactions. Get alerts on day's transaction summary via SMS/Email instantly.

Record Attendance, Leave Requests & Generate payslips

Wanna track attendance & leaves & appraisal of people working across different locations? Generate payslips, approve leaves & claimed expenses for your entire team with Maxx.

Track your Assets allocated at different Stores & with employees

Strugging to find whether the fixed asset is still under warranty? Which machine is deputed at which location? Which mobile device is with a particular employee? Maxx takes care of the date of purchase along with scanned copy of bills, warranty expiry reminders and renewals so that you could take maximum advantage of your assets.

Manage your Production and Manufacturing Units

What was the total productivity today? What is the per qty costing including labour? What is the raw material consumed & to be reordered? What is the wastage ratio? - Too many questions with 1 simple answer - Maxx

Labour Jobwork, Work Order Sub-Contracting / Outsourcing Management

Experience hassle free tracking of products outsourced for Job Work with auto reminders & sms alerts for their delivery dates. Stay ahead in Projects Contracting and Sub-Contract them to multiple vendors and compute profitability with ease.

Expand your possibilities with business boosters

Business boosters and modules are here to ease your day to day tasks helping your business connect with your clients, better.