Graphical Business View = Wiser Decisions

Get quick multi-view graphical snapshot of your business with different entities involved in business execution, Get a 360 degree account / product view, Verify Key Performance Indicators, Monitor Entry Statistics, generate Monthly Business Summary in clicks, Analyse Fast/Slow moving Products/Customers, thus helping you take calculated risk as per existing data and make wiser decisions.


MaxxERP Business Dashboards & CEO Reports are for decision makers using which graphical analysis of Sales / Sales Person / Products / Customers can be done in clicks. These reports helps you to quickly find your Top / Bottom ‘N’ customers / products / vendors / city / sub group / all sub masters, Explore your Business Summary which summarizes monthly Net Sales / Net Purchase / Net Receipts / Net Payments, Study Users Performance and Entry Statistics, Examine Key Performance Indicators & Business Snapshots, Analyse FIFO based Cost of Goods Sold and Profit Analysis thus helping you to make wiser decisions.

Key Features

Awesome Dashboards for growing business

  • Graphical Business Dashboards -
    • Sales Dashboard
    • Customers Dashboard
    • Sales Person Dashboard
    • Products Dashboard
  • Targets Vs Actuals Analysis
  • Budget Vs Actuals Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators

Super Set Of CEO Reports for wise business decisions

  • 360 Degree Account View
  • 360 Degree Product View
  • Top ‘N’ Reports - Track Fast / Slow Moving Business Entities.
  • Business Snapshot
  • Day Glance
  • Entry Statistics
  • User Performance
  • Discount Analysis
  • FIFO Wise Profit Analysis (Smart Analytical Report)