Lower the Production Cost = Higher the Profit Margins.

Production & Manufacturing module helps you define multiple Bill of Materials (Raw Material + Labour Cost + Wastage%) for different products and helps you arrive at accurate cost of each qty with every production batch along with wastage.


Production & Manufacturing module enables the production manager to arrive at accurate cost of every Finished/Semi-Finished goods production batch along with wastage qty. Bill of Materials can be defined with each line item wise raw materials consumption and Labour cost per qty or a rounded amount along with wastage product qty and its ratio. Multiple production batches can be executed with variation in raw material cost and adjustment options in consumption qty / production qty / wastage qty and labour cost in order to determine each qty wise cost on which pre-defined margins can be added to arrive at Sales rate and unique barcodes/batch numbers can be generated.

Key Features

Manage your production unit efficiently

  • Unlimited BOM (Bill Of Materials) definition option with Multiple Raw Materials, Semi-Finished and Finished Goods.
  • BOM – Line item wise Labour cost definition per qty/amount.
  • BOM – Line item wise Wastage Product qty/Percentage definition.
  • Multi-Stage wise production batch execution.
  • Adjustment options in Consumption Qty / Production Qty / Wastage Qty and Labour Cost
  • Accurate production batch cost arrival.
  • Option to define pre-defined margins and Sales rate calculation.
  • Unique Barcode/Batch Numbers definition and print option for Finished goods qty of every production batch.