Quickly find all your business related documents at one place.

Quickly attach / detach multiple documents with any master / transactions, option to quickly identify and open the document on double click, option to attach image with each product, user, customer, vendor as well as barcode, Web-Cam integration option for direct capture and attach image facility.


Documents act as a legal proof of any transaction and it's very important for every business to maintain and keep track of them for future reference. MaxxERP has an in-built document management system that helps you attach document with every master and transaction by creating a local copy of it in MaxxERP installation directory so that they remain intact and can be quickly referred even in case of system migration / actual source file deletion. Images can be attached/captured from web-cam for every product / barcode / user / employee / sales person / customer / vendor. Any number of documents can be attached with every master / transaction which can be quickly opened by simply double clicking on the required document.

Key Features

Quickly attach and refer documents

  • Attach any number of document with every master / transaction.
  • Local copy of document is created for easy maintenance and access.
  • Web-Cam image capture option for product / barcode / user / employee / sales person / customer / vendor.
  • Easy add/remove document option as well as quick double click and open document option.
  • Option of auto-backup of all documents on quit as well as in MaxxCloudBackup business booster.