LR Receipts & LR Issues helps you track transport goods bundle with clarity.

Dispatch partial / complete qty from different warehouses at different times as committed / confirmed by customers after generating an invoice. Zone/Route wise delivery management & tracking makes it easy for any distribution business to cut down awesomely on transportation cost, time, efforts and most importantly human resources and thus help increase profits and handle distribution process with clarity.


MaxxERP has a very simple dispatch & delivery management system. With option to select right transporter and zone/route at master levels, it becomes easier to focus only on entering customers transactions. Invoices can be mentioned with Dispatch date and time and accordingly overdue reports and reminder alerts could be generated. Goods dispatch can happen from one / multiple warehouse that too in partial / complete qty as per the customers and transport vehicle convenience with a clear track on pending dispatches. Zone/Route wise delivery tracking system makes it easy to quickly find pending delivery of those region and help user to load goods in bulk in order to avoid transport repetitions as well as save on cost & time.

Key Features

Easy LR & Parcel/Bundle Management

  • Quick LR entries with Multiple Invoice details, bundles with each invoice and invoice amount.
  • ‘N’ number of times LR Issue / Receipt.
  • Each LR Issue with Delivery person assignment.
  • LR Receipt with option to update Partial/Complete bundle receipt & closure/LR Returned.
  • LR Status indicator.
  • LR History tracking with details of each issue / receipt on different dates to different delivery persons.
  • Closed LR’s linking with invoices for complete chain reference.
  • LR Register report.