Deliver quality in time by outsourcing tasks to best vendors.

Generate a contract at one rate along with delivery date tracking, issue work order against the same at different rates along with respective delivery dates and track pending ones as well as contract wise profits with clarity.


MaxxERP Outsourcing management software helps you to quickly create contracts with relevant information (rate, total value, custom fields, expected delivery dates and advances), Assign them to different vendors at different rate and track their delivery status, Track individual contract wise profit/loss and pending statuses, thus empowers you to be in control of your business, generate more profits with peace of mind.

Key Features

Simple Sub-Contracting Process

  • Option to define different custom fields for Contracts / Work Orders on entire transaction level as well as each line item level.
  • Option to adjust advances against the Contracts.
  • Option to define rate, total value and delivery due date against individual contracts.
  • Contract wise Work Order Issue/Sub-Contract option to different vendors at different rates and delivery due date and advances.
  • Seamless integration with accounts, taxation and inventory.
  • Alerts on pending contracts as per their due dates.
  • Profit Analysis - Contract wise, Date wise, Sub-Vendor Wise, Product Wise