Sell online on your eCommerce store integrated with MaxxERP

This tool is used to integrate Magento and other online eCommerce stores with MaxxERP. Details of Customers and orders will get downloaded to MaxxERP. Details of Products with current stock status and order process status will get updated to the online store.

MaxxCommerceConnector is a business booster too that helps you integrate your online eCommerce store with MaxxERP. It is easy and possible to sell your goods online as well as on premise at your store and get your inventory & order status updated back to your online eCommerce store automatically. MaxxCommerceConnector tool downloads orders and customer information from the store and updates the stock levels and order status back to the store ensuring clarity in transactions and customer satisfaction.


Key Features

  • Integrates the physical and the virtual online store.
  • Quick download of Customer Info
  • Auto download of Orders to the pending orders list.
  • Quick update of Order processing status
  • Instant update of Inventory levels online on sales/returns.

  • Increased Customer satisfaction
  • Never go out of stock upon order placement.
  • Save time and efforts of manual order entry.
  • Auto inventory levels update in the online store.
  • Hassle free online order processing and invoicing.