Inventory - The core of every business.

MaxxERP helps you track inventory across Counter Sales, Sections, Warehouse Stocks, Orders Generation, Other Channels and analyze Transparent Movement across entire supply chain right from Manufacturers to Retailers.


Inventory is the core of every business right from Manufacturer to Retailer and managing it effectively and accurately in the entire supply chain cycle is must in order for any business to flourish peacefully. Inventory usually accounts for highest proportion in working capital either as raw material, WIP (Work in progress) and Finished goods and managing it could be a tedious task. MaxxERP helps you track the entire inventory flow and its supply chain management with complete clarity ensuring nothing is missed out in the process. MaxxERP software provides you multiple benefits helping you analyze demand forecasting, compare product movement trends across different seasons, track product movement & non-moving stocks, avoid over/under stocking and stock valuation based on different costing methods.

Key Features

Flexible inventory options for Retail

  • Support for OEM / EAN Barcodes.
  • Matrix  / Multiple Attributes for each Product like Size, Color, Brand, Design, Model, etc.
  • Each barcode size wise auto rate difference/increment definition.
  • Multiple Units Management for each Product.
  • Auto/Manual Generation of Barcodes/Batches.
  • Product wise Packing, Manufacturing & Expiry Date Setup.
  • Product wise Location wise Minimum Qty, Maximum Qty & Re-Order Levels setup.
  • Product wise Units, Length, Width, Thickness, Height & Weight Setup.
  • Images for Each Product / Each Barcode.
  • Physical stock taking along with billing in parallel.

Transparent Inventory control & Tracking

  • Multiple Stock Points / Warehouse Wise Inventory Management & Transfers.
  • Stock Transfers between locations/branches with approval in entry and barcode scan mode.
  • Support for Product Import from Excel
  • Product wise Company / Division Mapping.
  • Product Rate History Graphs & Movement History Tracking.
  • Stock Blocking thru Order & Goods in Transit Reporting
  • Stock Aging Analysis as Per FIFO / Individual Batch Wise.
  • COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) at every site / Cost Center.
  • Work In Progress valuation in case of Production.
  • Stock Valuation Methods – Cost Rate, Sales Rate, MRP, Avg. Cost, FIFO, Last Purchase Rate, etc.

Support for different calculation for different verticals

  • Material, Plywood, Timber, Glassware, Aluminum and Different Product Types Management.
  • Serial Number Based Inventory Tracking.
  • Bulk Update of Masters / Pricelist.
  • Product wise Points / Percentage Setup & Incentive Reports Accordingly.
  • Product wise Tax Mapping & Auto Calculation (Rate+Tax / Tax Inclusive Rates).