Generate orders, track pending orders and convert order to invoice in a click.

Auto generate purchase orders for multiple vendors from Re-Order report, Quickly record sales orders coming via Phone – thru Quotation confirmation – thru Field Sales Person using Web Order & Reporter Booster, Track pending Sales and Purchase orders transaction wise/individual product wise due over ‘N’ days, Option for bulk cancel of orders, option for 1 click convert to invoice, Option to import multiple orders to single Invoice, analyze over dues / cancellations and make necessary corrections to generate more revenue.


MaxxERP helps you quickly auto generate multiple purchase orders from Re-Order Levels report as well as record sales order that are coming in via Phone + Auto converted from a quotation to Order in 1 click + Sales orders recorded by field sales person using Web Order & Reporter business booster which is the need of every business today. MaxxERP helps you closely monitor and track all the pending orders in hand which are due over ‘N’ days with alerts on the ones crossing due dates so that you can prioritize and quickly close them. An in-built notification system helps you remind you of overdue orders so that you can take necessary action or cancel them if not required. Once a order is approved, convert it to an Delivery Notes/Invoice in 1 click. One order conversion to one invoice / Multiple Orders import to single Invoice / Multiple orders import to multiple invoices can be defined. Net Stock report helps you track product wise stock in hand, Sales orders qty in hand, Purchase orders qty (Material in Transit), Net stock available for booking/blocking more orders as well as helps you identify all sales/purchase orders with due dates product wise in one click. Cancellation analysis report helps you determine different reasons for cancellation and take necessary corrections to generate more business.

Key Features

Generate And Track Sales Orders with a click.

  • Generate sales and purchase orders along with due dates and popup notifications reminders for overdue ones.
  • Auto generate multiple purchase order for different vendors thru Re-Order report.
  • Sales order generation – Manual, Convert from Quote, Synced from Maxx Web Order & Reporter business booster add-on.
  • Option to update Advance amount received against order and settlement/adjustment of the same while invoice generation.
  • Quick order copy option.
  • Option to convert partial/complete order to Delivery Note/invoice in one click.
  • Track pending orders over ‘N’ days which are not converted to Delivery Note/Invoice yet.
  • Track pending orders Sales person wise / customer wise / product wise / city wise / area wise / product group wise / product category wise / product brand wise and by all other sub master options.
  • Sales order Approval option.
  • Track pending orders product wise/account wise with option to bulk cancel.
  • Order Rejection / Cancellation analysis Reports.
  • On screen Alerts / SMS / Email reminder option for on-time follow ups.
  • Net stock report – Product wise stock in Hand+PO-SO=Net Stock Available(Virtual) helps you book orders and block stock as per the virtual availability and one click drill in to identify different dates when PO and SO are due individual product wise to commit approx delivery dates to clients.