Juice , Ice-Creams And Coffee Shops

Software for Juice , Ice-Creams and Coffee Shops management

Maxx ERP covers the entire chain of operations from the purchase of fruits till the selling of fruit juice to the consumers.. The demand for the products are constantly monitored and cross transaction is avoided. MaxxERP helps you manage your Business from top to bottom regardless of your scale of operation. Cash and credit customers both are maintained easily giving you a full scenario of cash and credit sales seperately as well as helps you maintains Customer database efficiently.

Solution Highlights


Quick Touch/Scan POS Billing


Weighing scale integration


Integrated Accounts


Offers & Schemes


Customer Loyalty


Setup Offers & Schemes


Easy user session mgt


Effective day end process


Home Delivery & Collection

Business Boosters

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Juice , Ice-Creams and coffee shops retail Chain POS software for Juice, Ice-Creams and coffee shop lets you maintain Purchases, expenses and seasonal sales with efficient inventory management, CRM facilities, Order tracking, wastage management modules. Whether its a single store or a multiple chain of stores of Juice , Ice-Creams and coffee shop- MaxxERP is the best solution for your business. Try free Juice , Ice-Creams and coffee shop POS software for 30 days trial Download Now!