Distribute goods across multiple channels with clarity & ease.

Define distributors, agencies, franchise, dropshippers, distribution centers linked with their agents, pricelists, transports, credit days & limit & bills, invoice terms and with multiple shipping/site address for each and quickly process transactions and track inventory movement with ease.


Finance & Accounts is the secret key of every business which reflects the standing position of different aspects like Receivables & Payables, Incomes & Expenses, Cash & Bank Transactions and Gross & Net Profits in fraction of seconds. Managing a big set of contacts along with volume of cash/credit/card/bank/advance/adjustment transactions can be a challenging job. MaxxERP enables individuals to keep track of every single transaction with complete clarity and helps you generate a detailed account wise transaction history report, reconcile bank transactions, deal in multiple currencies, manage PDC’s, handle Petty cash in matter of clicks.

Key Features

Customer Definition

  • Define customers with their Sub Groups, Grade, Class, Agents
  • Setup Credit days, Credit Limit, Transporter, Invoice Terms, Discounts & Pricelists
  • Multiple Billing/Shipping address option with every Customer
  • Multiple Contact person details option with every Customer
  • Customer wise multiple Bank account details definition.
  • Rate + Tax / Tax Inclusive / No Tax setup option with every customer.

Super Fast Wholesale & Quick Bulk Sales

  • Set pricelists on Customer level / voucher level
  • Transaction wise Rate + Tax / Tax Inclusive / No Tax definition option
  • Transaction wise option to define Tax on Expenses
  • Flat sales prices
  • Direct Sales, Consignment Sales & One click - quick returns.
  • Copy from any voucher to any voucher possible.
  • One order to multiple Sales invoice or One Sales invoice with multiple orders possible.
  • Pending order tracking system along with amendments and full/partial cancellation.
  • Sales order with authorization/approval system.
  • Company wise – Branch wise – Columnar sales tax registers.
  • Sales invoice against multiple delivery challans.
  • Statutory Forms tracking & reminder letters.

Flexible Despatch

  • Supports Multiple Companies, Locations (Branches), Warehouse / Stock points.
  • Option to generate delivery challan thru Product scan, Product select or Excel import.
  • Delivery against multiple invoices.
  • Zone/Route wise delivery assignment and mapping.
  • Delivery person payment collection tracking.

Track Stock in Transit & Receive them easily.

  • Stock requisition note / Indent with approval.
  • Stock transfer to branches & inward with approval.
  • Warehouse stock transfer and branch stock transfer both in scan mode and product selection mode.
  • Generate barcode for the voucher in the print for quick scan while receipt.
  • Receipt reconciliation through package voucher barcode scan to quickly receive complete packed bundle of goods, individual product scan or manual tagging.
  • Track stock in hand, sales order in hand(Blocked Stocks), goods in transit (PO) and net stock  available to book orders with option to determine estimated delivery dates.
  • Track and reconcile shortage/excess transfers.
  • Alerts for in-transit at destination if transfer exceeds normal transit days.