Plywood, Timber, Glassware & Aluminium

Software for Plywood timber and Glassware and Aluminium Business Management.

MaxxERP is a complete plywood and timber business software solution that manages wholesale, distribution, dealer or trading business with ease. With a Set of Robust modules - Sales, Inventory, Order, Business Intelligence and MIS Analytical Graphical report integrated with accounts makes it all in one business software solution to improve business efficiency and enhance customer relationship.

Solution Highlights


Auto Calculation of Timber (CFT/CBM)


Order & Advance Management


Agent/Carpentar Incentives Management


Despatch & Delivery Management


Integrated Accounts


Jobwork Management


Glassware Actual & Charged H/W Calculation (SQFT/SQM)


Plywood Sheet wise Inventory mgt & Sqft/SQM billing


Easy physical stock taking

Business Boosters

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Software for Plywood, Timber, Glassware & Aluminium lets you handle out-of-stock situations and seasonal sales with efficient inventory management, re-order, returns management modules. Whether its a single store or a multiple branch of stores of Plywood, Timber, Glassware & Aluminium - MaxxERP is the best software solution for your business. Try free wholesale Plywood, Timber distribution, Glassware dealer & Aluminium trader billing software for 30 days trial Download Now!