Retain existing happy customers and engage new customers all around.

Manage leads & enquiries, convert them to opportunities, send proposals / quotes / estimates with revisions, schedule user wise follow up reminders on calendar/via sms/via email, analyse rejections / cancellations and make necessary corrections, thus generate more business and more profits.


MaxxERP has a very simple and intuitive CRM system which is the need of every business today to engage customers from multiple channels. A comprehensive Lead management and opportunity follow up system is required in order to constantly scale up with growing clients. MaxxERP helps you manage this complexity with a simple step by step process that guides you on engaging new leads, track opportunities, convert them to potential customers by an auto follow up & quotes revision system. MaxxERP even enables you to manage and filter all existing leads & contacts across different industry / cities and helps you engage them by sending offers thru Bulk SMS / Emails / Print Mail Labels to send gifts / send greetings on birthday / anniversary / business anniversary to generate more business from existing contacts and create better relationships.

Key Features

Connect and create New customers

  • Create leads with Source & Contact information.
  • Assign leads to different users along with their due dates.
  • User wise pending leads Track report for them to communicate and convert them to opportunity.
  • Re-assign opportunity to a different user possible with due dates.
  • Track pending opportunities and convert them as potential clients by sending quotes.
  • Send quotes & estimates along due dates and auto generate follow up reminders.
  • Quotes and estimates revision and chain history tracking with different terms and conditions and rates.
  • Follow up quotes and convert them to Sales order and Sales.
  • Rejection / Cancellation analysis Reports.
  • Monthly user wise/over all new customers engagement performance graph.
  • Monthly user wise/over all new business turnover generated report.
  • Monthly Opportunity vs Orders conversion report.

Engage Existing customers

  • Export all leads and contacts to excel with contact information.
  • Filter leads and contacts based on multiple parameters and option to send bulk SMS and Email/e-Cards alerts on different offers and schemes.
  • Contact wise birthday and anniversary reminder report.
  • Special report on business birthday which displays clients and the number of years they have been doing business or have been in touch with the company.
  • Option to generate mailing labels in order to send greetings/gifts.